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Monday, September 22, 2003

Thanks to Liz, we have a BIZNews report for Monday, 22. September 2003. Good luck on your tests, Liz!

Richard: NASA officials say Gallileo continued to send signals right to
the very end. You see until it went down to Jupiter working till the last.
Didn’t stop
Hala: No in a blaze of glory...
Richard: Like us.
Hala: ...ended it’s flight
Richard: Maybe not.
Hala: Well, maybe not. Ahm, Don Ridell steps in with the latest World
Sport after this.
Richard: And Martyn will be back with the dravel weather, with the
dravel weather. He’s got the weather. I’ll bring it again with some more ‘t’,

After the break

Richard (towards Hala & Don): They are getting terribly excited about
all group of people how basically kicked a bit of leather around over the
Hala: No, I haven’t seen the game but I heard of it and the
Keown-Nistelrooy incident and I just wanna know
Richard: It was Keown.
Hala: Yes, it was Keown. He was involved
Don: Do you like to see it?
Hala: Oh, can we see it actually because I haven’t seen it. I just put
this under the table.
Richard: Yes. Go on.
Hala: Go on.
Don: Get yourselves comfortable and have a look at this

After Don finished his sports-update. He and Hala were still talking
about this soccer game. Until she recognized:

Hala: We boring Richard.
Richard: Let’s leave them to their devices and we are just continuing
between you and me as we are going to the weather forecast.

Later on

Richard: For our viewers turn our attention to other matters. Matters
concerning of kicking around bit of leather.
Hala: And Don is here for that. Starting with football.
Don: Thanks so. I think your getting a bit more excited about that.
Richard: I try.
Don: Back with me for World Sport in a few hours from now.
Hala: Okay.
Richard: Still kicking around bit of leather.
Hala (looking into the wrong camera): Richard just doesn’t appreciate
football if you haven’t gathered.
Richard (Pointing in direction of the right camera): We’re over there.
Hala: Oh, we over there.
Richard: Let’s have a look at some weather in mayor travel
Hala: Alright, maybe even in a couple of minor travel destinations.