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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Taking it Off With Richard and Hala

Liz sends us a dispatch from today's Business News on CNNi

There was a report of stripping or something
like that. And the guy who made the report spoke to Dixi Evans. She said:
It’s not what you take off, it’s the way you take if off. That’s what the next
quip is referring to

Hala: You know you are in the right business were you can frame your
underwear when you retire.

Richard: Right. Ahm

Hala: It’s not what you take off, it’s the way you take if off.

Richard: That of course is the quote of the morning it’s not what you
take off, Jenny Harrison, it’s the way you take if off.

Jenny: Oh, I’m keeping everything tightly on.

Hala: From CNN in London I’m Hala Gorani.

Richard: I’m Richard Quest. In this sixty hour pro... sixty hour...
sixty minute program, but it’s just feel like sixty hour by the time we’re
finished with it.