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Monday, September 29, 2003
Double Vision

Clearly, Richard's producers have noticed his sartorial sharpness and assigned him to do this segment on suits for the Design 360 segment last week. Liz faithfully and kindly transcribed Richard's bit:

Liz George: Well, CNN’s best dressed Englishman Richard Quest ask the
tailors second in this due to the last stitch.

Richard (voice-over): The battleground a showroom in London and another
in Milan. The weapons chop, scissors and a take measure and what’s
upstate a
exacting and wealthy breed of costumers. The worlds most elegant men.
for example (picture of James Bond)…

Richard (at home): Like me, except for the wealthy bit. I’m certainly
fossing about which suits I wear and for good reason. You get to see me
wearing the
everyday on television. It’s all very worrying.

(Switches the TV on)

Richard (on TV): I’m Richard Quest ... there is hope for us all ...
concessions ... very good day to you I’m Richard Quest

Now that Richard has got his English suit he’s gone to Italy to get a
Campagna suit. He’s sitting in his car and driving along a street near
the beach.

Richard (voice-over): Now if you could guarantee that with an Italian
suit also came a bit of the Italian lifestyle there would be no contest. I
know how this duel would end.

Richard ask Campagna: Who is the one person in the world you want to
make suits for?

Campagna: It used to be the Pope but then I made some suits for him.
No, I’ve already dressed everyone I wanted.

Richard (voice-over): Hmm, wrong answer. You still haven’t dressed me.

Richard (back in London): And this is my Gianni Campagna suit made for
me in Italy. Now having worn my English suit over there it seems only fair
wearing my Italian suit here in London to work.

Here comes my favorite part.
They showing the newsroom in London and behind the desk are sitting two
(!) Richards.

Richard 1: So Richard how is your English suit.

Richard 2: Wonderful my shoulder plates are back in place. How is your
Italian suit?

Richard 1: Oh, it’s marvelous, slender and smooth, what’s more I can
Richard 2: Which means the tailor rivalry goes on, doesn’t it?

Richard 1: Which is why we should leave it to the viewer to decide.
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