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Monday, October 06, 2003
Richard Resurfaces in Los Angeles This Week

Liz writes in with these transcripts:
After watching today’s Biz News I totally understand why they sent Richard to California and not one of the locals.
He totally fits in the picture.

Richard: And from Los Angeles. I’m Richard Quest. Just 48 hours to go before Californians go to the polls to decide whether they are going to sack Governor Gray Davis. We’ll have the reaction in those final days of coverage and
also what they make of it down on Venice Beach. Where there is some very odd people indeed and I don’t mean me. That’s coming up in a few moments time.

Richard: And welcome to Los Angeles. I’m Richard Quest. There were just 48 hours to go before Californians go to the polls. The official way of calling it is to recall Governor Gray Davis. That’s a very polite way of saying sack him or fire him or getting rid of him.

Richard: I am on Hollywood Boulevard aside Mann’s Chinese Theater.

Interesting we’re chosen purely by accident, I must say to that, we standing over thewalk of hall of fame by Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse’s star is just by my feet. I make no comment whether this is a political comment on the
current state of California politics...[he should have been standing on the star for Goofy.]

Hala: Richard a quick question: how close is the race?
Richard: The race is very close in the sense of whether the recall will take place. That’s getting closer all the time, whether or not to sack Gray Davis. Forget recall, let’s use word you and I understand Hala, firing and sacking.

On Business Central:

Richard: But I haven’t com all this just to learn about Californian politics I need to learn some local customs as well. Such as the true Muscle Beach way to shakes hands.

Can you imagine Richard doing that? It’s just humiliating watching him doing his thing.

(End of the Video)
Richard: So it’s lots of that sort of punching and that (trying to
demonstrate that handshake thing) That’s how you shake hands on Muscle Beach “yeah man” and all that sort of thing.