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Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Richard Goes Tit for Tat

Before Richard landed in LA for the CA gubernatorial election, he personally stopped in NY to taunt
Jack Cafferty on the 10/3/03 edition of American Morning

QUEST: Now, what is it about Americans, politicians and sex? In Britain, if a politician gets done for something sexual -- and we had it in Lord Parkinson (ph) some years ago with a love child -- you resign, you go into the wilderness for a few years and you're rehabilitated and you're brought back.

In Italy, you actually get promoted, of course. CAFFERTY: Slapping people on the bottom is a national pastime in Italy.

QUEST: There is a law against it, but it's one of those laws that is broken in the breach.


QUEST: However, let's take Berlusconi, the Italian prime minister.

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Francois Mitterrand for years was rumored to be with his mistress, correct?

QUEST: Absolutely. And there are rumors -- rumors, rumors, I'm not saying anything definite there, but there are rumors -- about Messier Chirac, the current president of France, may have been dallying.

CAFFERTY: Oh, right.

O'BRIEN: But isn't there a huge difference between -- sorry to interrupt -- between dallying and grabbing women's breasts who aren't interested in dallying, right?

QUEST: Americans have an obsession with women's breasts. In the rest of the world, they shuck off their tops and lie on a beach.

HEMMER: You had to fly from London on the Concorde to tell us that?

QUEST: Everywhere else they go topless.

CAFFERTY: I'm not old enough to be listening to this stuff about people lying on a beach without any clothes on.

QUEST: At your age, Jack, it can't be good for you.

CAFFERTY: Yes. I've got to do a couple of e-mails. You're going out to California. We'll look forward to your reports on the election next week.

QUEST: Absolutely.

CAFFERTY: Thanks, Richard.

Richard Wrestles With American Slang and Breakfast Foods

Liz in Germany sends this from today's Business News report

Today Richard was reporting from Mels Drive In Diner at the Sunset
Boulevard in L.A. and this edition was more about food than the Recall. Have a

Richard: Alexander De Ocampo from the Young Democrats we thank you for
joining us. Have another milkshake you will need something to cheer you
up and you as well Sir have one of those not a large just a small. We did in
invite the Young Republicans to come and join us here at Mels. Maybe the food
wasn’t good enough who knows. Whatever it was the certainly didn’t show up nor
did they answer our phone calls.

Political slang

Richard: The one political phrase I quite like, we can also find here
at Mels Diner. Look at this. Hello. Good morning Gabriella.

Gabriella: Good morning.

Richard: That’s Gabriella.

Gabriella: Hi.

Richard: And this is a waffle on the menu but when we talk about
political waffle we talking about something completely different, aren’t we?
David Burke, Slangman Publishing: Yes, we are ... To be waffle means to
be undecided to go back and forwards on your opinions.

Richard: Have we seen much waffling, do you think, in this Californian

David: Oh yeah, I think we see waffling in every election. ...

Richard: Slangman about that Hala and Tony you have to excuse me. Ahm,
I have to do a bit of waffling certainly before someone else get their
hand on here.

Hala: And it raises, it opens up the debate about portion sizes all
over again, Richard. Are you gonna have this on your own?

Richard: Ah, hmm, ah, I (the rest of his answer I didn’t get. Sorry.)

Tony: Richard Quest waffling away in California. We look forward to
that a little bit later on, Richard. And time for the weather now.

Hala: Absolutely. Let’s cross over, and see Richard a bit later, to
Martyn Jeanes now at the World Weather Center with a bit of a – no I know it’s
not waffling...

Tony: No waffling.

Hala: With a bit of weather forecast.

Tony: Top science, top science.

Hala: It’s the waffle-free-zone at the World Weather Center.

Martyn: It made me feel quite hungry actually.

(After the weather update there was a commercial break and they showed
Richard eating his waffle before going to that.)

More to come later...