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Wednesday, October 08, 2003
I Voted And It Was All For Nothing....

But at least we got Richard to grace our state with his presence. Here's Liz in Germany's report on this morning's Business Central:

Hey here is the latest Richard stuff from Los Angeles. This time he was
at Schwarzenegger’s HQ. Beside this it was a very special day of reporting
on CNN International. Biz News was just anchored by Hala Gorani with the
support of Richards coverage. Jenny was back at the World Weather Center and
Richard hosted Business Central from L.A. with the help of Tony in London.
After that there was a special report about the recall from CNN Center in Atlanta
but of course with Richard ,too. Unfortunately, my tape ended after a few
seconds and I missed the show. Anyway, I’ve got enough stuff to send you.

Richard: Hala let’s rejoin you as we are considering those results.
It’s a very noisy day as you can imagine here at the Schwarzenegger
headquarters and I’m gonna get used to it’s gonna get worse.

Hala: Richard you were talking about a media circus a bit earlier. Can
you give us a sense of what the scene looks like? How many camera groups,
photographers, journalists are there covering this event and do they
come from all over the world, Richard?

Richard: Oh Hala, Hala what a question! Look let me just get Rodney to.
First of all you got to understand that my cameraman and my producer
are standing like this (demonstrating how they get squeezed). You know I got the luxuryof space (waving with his arms like a bird) here. They are like this
(shows again how they are getting squeezed) because in this one row alone
there are at least 60 cameras but if we move this direction (pointing in the
direction where the cameraman has to turn) Just go over there and you can see
where some of my colleagues from CNN and the American networks are based. ... Go a bitfurther round if you could, Rodney. And you get to realize there is no room to move we are all standing in a row. One after the other. And although we don’t necessarily want to give to much publicity to our rival networks thislady next to me is very close. Hello. Having fun?

Journalist: Are you on air? Sure.

Richard: She’s having fun. So as you can see we are all really on top
of each other tonight. Every country is represented, Hala.

Hala: Richard did you just interrupt somebody’s life report there.

Richard: I’m sorry, Hala?

Hala: She wasn’t on air, she wasn’t on air, was she when you set down
over to her.

Richard: I don’t think so. If she was she’s certainly not now. No she
wasn’t. I could see she we got those ear piece (pointing to that) cause
the noise is so bad. Other people are battling one just the sort the normal ones
and there is a lot of people with fingers in ears, trying to hear. And we
haven’t even heard Arnie jet the band doesn’t started play. We have a long way
to go.

Richard: Hala, that’s the way things are looking at the moment. It’s an
extraordinary atmosphere. We are waiting for the band, the balloons and
of course the Terminator.

Hala: Richard just a quick word on the media attention this has
generated:tell us a little bit about the atmosphere. How many hundreds of crews
and photographers and cameras and the rest of it? What are you seeing from
where you are standing?

Richard: Never seen anything like it before, Hala. I lost count in term
of camera crews when I got to about two hundred. There are simply so many
and we are on all sides of the room. I’m on this side of the room. Over to my
left, over there, ... other domestic networks television networks in the
United States and than right of the side of the room you have the various
photographers from newspapers, from magazines, from local media here.
So although we have supporters of Schwarzenegger. There I show you there are one or two of them in the middle of the room there. The vast majority of the room is media. And of course it wouldn’t be an American election if there weren’t balloons. And there are hundreds of them up there the top- What we are expecting of course when he arrives the balloons will fall. We don’t know when it’s going to be. It could be anytime now.

Hala: Alright, and we’ll cut into whatever we’re doing, whatever we’re
talking about, whatever we’re running to go back to Richard for that
victory speech.

Richard: People believe that if he manages to get the right people in
the right positions than Arnold Schwarzenegger might actually make a
success of running California, Hala.

Hala: Okay, Richard Quest it’s all about the back-up team. Thanks very
much Richard. We’ll go to you a bit – is that I’m sorry just one quick
question: Is that the podium that they taking apart behind you? We can hear some, we can hear some hammers and some construction work going on there.

Richard: Nothing, so exciting. It’s the balloons being popped. There
where several hundreds of them that fell on top of us and now people go round
jumping. Look being Republicans don’t like to party so late. So most of
them gone home. It is only several hundreds of the media that are still here.
Working ‘til late into the night.

More Business Central Schtick

Liz tells us "You know how Richard starts BC usally: “It’s morning in Europe, midday in the Middle East and middle of the night in the United States” and than there comes the BONG, but today it was slightly different."

Richard: It’s morning in Europe, midnight in Los Angeles and there has
been a political earthquake in California (BONG!) And this is Business
Central on CNN.

And finally being reunited with Jenny Harrison

Jenny: And Mr. Quest as usual has found his way to some pretty good
sunny weather. Richard you are in flavor of a very sunny pleasant day out
there in California.

Richard: Certainly, I was sorry Jenny just reminding us, what was in

Just give me the number. What was London?

Jenny: oh, this afternoon about 19°C but not that much warmer in Los

Richard: Right, and?

Jenny: ... but just more sunshine where you are.

Richard: You can say that again we happily take your forecast today.
Jenny Harrison who for the first time in a very long time has given me a
weather forecast I can be pleased about. Thanks Jen, see you tomorrow.