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Thursday, October 09, 2003
A Birthday Greeting for Jenny, the Biz News Weather Anchor

From Liz in Germany "Here’s is something that became a tradition. But usually it’s the other way around."

Tony: Jenny Harrison don’t you go anywhere. We have a little bit of a
surprise for you.

Hala: Alright.

Tony: What what’s the date Jen?

Jenny: Oh dear, I know exactly what the date is. So why do you think
I’m wearing dark gray It’s nearly black I decided that. It’s my Birthday.
Yeah I know what it is.

Tony: Oh, give up, you're not that old.

Hala: I have strict instructions to ask you to scratch the state of
California and you understand why in a second.

Jenny I’m scratching away[scratches a map on the screen], I’m scratching away. No nothing’s happening.

Hala: Go ahead and scratch.

Jenny: Oh no.

(Richard is popping out of California on the map on the screen)

Richard: Hurricane, storm, clouds and gloom
This sort of weather makes Jenny Harrison bloom
But today she is a year older
And even if the weather is colder
Jenny Harrison will never spread gloom (sends her a kiss)
(End of the video)

(Hala and Tony nearly dying)
Jenny: Oh, what can I say. I think that’s very sweet, isn’t it? Not
about word there. You know Richard didn’t really trust if you say something
nice, but but that was very nice thank you guys.

Hala: Yes took time out of his busy California schedule to record that
Birthday wish for you Jenny and from us as well Happy Birthday and many
more to come.

Tony: A very happy Birthday.

Jenny: Thank you very much.