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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

I saw Richard while i was watching CNNfn in Los Angeles on Sunday night. He looks sooo tan. Do you think Richard uses a spray on tanning solution?

Liz in Germany, who is on her way to spend 2 weeks in London as part of a school program, sends this latest dispatch from the 10/14/03 edition of BizNews. Good luck and Bon Voyage, Liz!

She writes, "Today the started airing a the promo for a show called Global Office. It’s gonna be hosted by Mr. Quest and the lovely Liz George. I think they are a great team as good as Richard and Hala. GO starts airing next Tuesday we’ll this gonna be like. C-ya Liz

Biz News Laundry tips

(Liz tries really hard to stay serious but you can hear her laughing
during Richards part)
Richard: Now for the Laundry tips part of the program learn from the
mistake of a Moscow man who was determent to get a stubborn stain of his
trousers. You got bare with us on this one. Russia’s ETASA newsagency says the man added a liter of petrol to his washing machine in hopes of desolving the

Police confirm there was a explosion at the South-East Moscow
apartment. They won’t comment on the cause.

Liz: Of course, that would have named laundry tip and petrol get stains
of the trousers.

Richard: There is just to much, there is to much open for us to say.

Liz: Let’s find out what Jenny got to say about it.

Jenny: Well, as you say Liz I’ve not come across that particular
laundry tips before but obviously the answer is don’t try this at home
yourself. That’s obviously the safest there.