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Monday, October 20, 2003

Hooray, Liz is back in Germany. She has this pet peeve to share with us:

There’s one thing I’ve noticed that really annoys me it’s that Hala’s part of
the newsdesk is always so untidy in contrast to Richards bit. Anyway here
the stuff I got for you this morning. It’s all about David Blaine. You probably
know he’s that nuts guy who was hanging the in a box near by the Tower Bridge in
London for 44 days without food. So here are some reactions to the
report that Robin Curnow gave.

Richard: I have spent many hours covering that story down by the Tower
of London and frankly I have absolutely no idea whether he did it or not.

Hala: Arw, I think there was something in that water walking perfectly
he was walking up right, talking whatever. He didn’t seem at all like
somebody who haven’t eaten for 44 days.

Richard: Alright.

Hala: Maybe he’s particularly tough.

Richard: Robust.

Hala: Robust.

Richard: Talking of robust.

Hala: Let’s take a look at the weather picture Europe is waking up too.

Richard: At all the places I was over the weekend the discussion was
whether he done it or not.

Hala: Well, I ‘m not sure he has. You think you think he has actually
starved him for 44 days.

Richard: Yeap.
Hala: In which case according to this Sun he’s “Blaine Damaged”
(showing tabloid to the camera). Not bad.

Richard: Alright this why you are very careful with this newspaper when
you lifted it. Our viewers might have seen far more they are intended to be
this morning.

Hala: Alright let’s take a look at... oh Galen can tell us it Blaine
actually starved himself or is it an illusion?

Galen: Ah, I wish I could find my interest in that story but it would
take a microscope guys. I honestly don’t care. I know I’m supposed to make
editorial comments but I really just couldn’t care less, sorry.

Richard: Right we must take a look at the weather in some major travel
destinations. It’s final time this hour.

Hala: Galen joins us from the World Weather Center for that, Galen.

Galen: Hey guys just to go on the record I think he did do it looks
like he lost quite a bit of weight there. So I don’t know maybe he did. I still
don’t see the point though that doesn’t mean I get it
(After the weather update)

Hala: Galen secretly becoming interested in that Blaine story. Richard: He’ll be a big supporter.