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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Tuesday Tips!

Liz has this to tell us:

It’s Tuesday so it’s has to be a great day. I don’t know why maybe it’s
because of Jenny’s Tuesday Tips but there has to be something else.
Usually I’ve get the most quips on Tuesdays and Fridays. Anyway I’ve got lot’s in store today. Most of the stuff is about Concorde, something about mapping and some grading tips. So have a look yourself. We’ll start with Concorde.

Richard: Now I’m going to try to keep my emotions under control here

Hala: I know you are very, very emotional as this week as this weekend
approaches the last flight of Concorde.

Richard: We are in the final week of Concorde travel. The jetliner will
make it’s super sonic swansong this Friday from New York to London in
response to twinging demand.

Hala: Not from Richard though the demand is still right up there.

Richard: I could sit and look at this pictures of Concorde coming into
London all day.

Hala: Some people do take it quite far. Turn a 60-mile-round-trip to
see a plane take off and land. I don’t. Different strokes...

Richard: I want a new presenter.

Mapping the world

Hala: Okay it seems like as the world is changing and evolving more and
more we need to update this big atlases mass. But this coast a lot of money,
doesn’t it. What is that retail for?

Sheena Barclay, Cartographic Dir., Times Atlas: It 150 pounds.

Hala: Alright, maybe for years it’s okay maybe over a year it’s a
little bit too much.

Sheena: Well, this is the biggest atlas in the world and for what you
see here is more that everywhere else.

Hala: As Richard was saying not the pocket size.

Sheena: No not the pocket size.

Hala: Not for Richard's pocket. Okay thanks very much Sheena Barclay
there. The Time Atlas a look of the changing world we’re living in. Thanks so
much.Now... (Richard signalizes her that she’ll pass him the atlas) There
you go.
(You can really see in her face how heavy this is)

Richard: That’s alright.

Hala: Ah, ah.

Richard: I just keep a close eye on this later. Jenny Harrison is the
sort of person who finds this rather useful at the World Weather Center.

Jenny: I would find that extremely useful Richard. In fact I’ll be
obviously have a look at all different maps every single day of the week. I find
them quite interesting anyway. But like you an Concorde I like looking at
map books. No doubt about it I need to know where places are so I obviously
can tell you indeed how what the weather would be in your neck of the woods.

(At the end of the weather forecast)

Jenny: I couldn’t have done that without my atlas. Richard and Hala
back to you in London.

Hala: Alright Jenny thank you very much it’s goodbye from me.

Richard: And I’ll see you in a moment at two after I’ve done a little
bit of light reading about where we gonna be going in the next hour of
Business Central. (Opening the atlas)

Is Richard a cutie, or what?