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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Back to Concorde..Liz sends us more info from Tuesday's edition of Business Central

Richard: Concorde will soon be consigned to history and these plane
spotters want to be part of it’s last week in service even it’s just from the
ground. Why are the anoraks out at the end of the runway at Heathrow Airport?

Oh, just look at that plane go. Let’s just enjoy that for a second.

You can never have enough Concorde that’s what I always say. Train pains what bugs us most about the daily commute to work.

I’ll be talking to the author of a survey about just that. Clearly we didn’t pay the full money the music – well, never mind – some days you pay the money some days you don’t.

Richard: I have to tell you that civil war just have broken out within
the London studios of CNN. I wouldn’t have a bad word say about Concorde
and they are saying some pretty unpleasant things about it in the control.

Right, Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center.

If you are lucky enough to be going on Concorde today what would the weather be like?

Jenny: (Holding a box with tissues in her hands) Well, it depends where
you going, doesn’t it? What would the weather be like.

Look I you seem less
upset than I thought. I’ve got tissues up here for you but it seems you don’t
need them.

So I put those aside. (You can hear the loud noise when it landed
on the ground) If you’re heading to New York today Richard it would be
cloudy that much I can tell you.