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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Liz in Germany sends us these quips from today's Business News broadcast:

Becky: A warm welcome from London this is Biz News. I’m Becky Anderson.
Richard: About the only warm thing in London at the moment.

(Richard just told us that he’s going on Concorde again to cover it’s
last flight tomorrow)
Becky: Let’s take a look now at the weather in some major travel
destinations find out whether is gonna hold up for tomorrow. Galen
Crader at the CNN International Weather Center.

Galen: Becky thank you so much. Richard Quest ladies and gentlemen has
the best job in the world. I said it before but I mean it. He really does.
Lucky guy and yeah you’re looking fine for the flight tomorrow.

Richard: Have you ever been on a low-cost-plane Becky Anderson?

Becky: Have you ever been on Concorde Richard Quest?

Richard: Yes.

Becky: Yes and I’ve been on a low-cost-plane, too.

Richard: Right. (Laughter) She’s giving she’s giving me funny looks.

Those are glances of lust, Richard, really