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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

It’s all about sports today, reports Liz in Germany. Good luck with that driver's test!

Richard: I freely admit that I’m now starting to get interested in the
rugby worldcup.
Hala: And i freely admit that I’m not.
Don: I’ll tell you both either way.
Hala: Okay.

Don: And one final note the Canadian Rod Kruger won the Rock, Paper,
Scissors championships held in Toronto. If you interested I can tell
you that he threw rock , paper, paper to top his opponents sequence of three rocks. How do you feel about that?

Richard: Do we pay you good money for this? (Laughter) Alright.

(Don replied something. Don’t ask me what it was.)

Richard: Alright on the director’s count

Hala: That’s a duel. Okay.

Richard: on the directors – you won’t be able to hear this but the...

Hala: Do...

Don: Are we doing this one three or on four?
Hala: No, no go ahead it’s.

Richard: On three. On the directors count in our ears.

(Both: rock)

Richard: Oh.

Hala: Oh it’s draw.

Richard: We got that tight.

(both scissors)
Don + Richard: uH!!!!

Hala: Oh, tight.

Don: Great minds...

Hala: This is insane:

(Don: rock; Richard: paper)

Hala: On and Richard Quest wins with the paper against Don Riddells

Richard: YES!

Don: Uh, I’m so embarrassed.

Hala: Join us for the next match.

Richard: Right the headlines.

The bong’s back

Richard: It’s morning in Europe, midday in the Middle East and middle
of the night in the US and we’re doing business. (‘BONG!) The clock may have
changed but we still got the bong because It’s Business Central. Here
on CNN.

(Business Central Intro) You see with all the breaking news yesterday
we didn’t obviously have the bong. So you may have felt that we were bongless. But you were absolutely wrong. We managed to find it somewhere lying around.