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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
Check Out the Big Brain on Richard

Richard: Wasn’t there a movie recently about the earth magnetic field
or going on a journey to the core of the earth or something. I seem
remember – oh it just called “the Core” it was called “The Core”.

Hala: Our producer knows all. (laughs)

Richard: Yes you can’t tell the sort of movies we spend our time

Hala: Well, speak for yourself.

Richard: Uh!

Hala: Uh! No I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t understand these things.
I’m still tryin’ to figure out what we call “The Sun” not the paper the
actual ones.

Richard: The sun is a big ball of light in the air in the sky.

Hala: I know there is a technical term for it. Anybody out there...

Richard: Alright, do you know the technical term. Do you know the
technical term for the Sun?

Hala: Yes for the star that the earth orbits around. There has to be a
technical term for it other than the sun.

Richard: we’ll be delighted to read out some of your
e-mails if you know the technical name for the Sun beside that bright ball in
the sky.

Hala: (laughs)

Richard: Galen Crader is at the World Weather Center. No you can’t
enter Galen.

Galen: Aha ahm it’s just a class three star, guys. It’s really nothing
special if you think about it. We’re in the greater thing of the universe there it’s not a very big star but yeah it’s the sun, it’s the sun.

(After the weather forecast)

Hala: Galen Crader thanks very much and thanks for that astronomy
lesson and we’ll also be reading our viewers e-mails on that.

Finally the sports update

Richard: Alright the family is all together the enfant terrible joined us.
Hala: Don Riddell has a look at sports.

(After the sports update they had the weather forecast as usual before
the top of the hour.)

Hala: A special three-headed goodbye this morning for no particular
reason. (Laughter)

Richard: Bye, bye.

Hala: Goodbye from me.
Don: See you later.

Friday, 31. October 2003

Liz in Germany tells us: If just get ready for a little Halloween party a friend of mine

It’s gonna be really freaky. Anyway before I go I wanted to send you
this dispatch from todays Biz News.

Hala: Let’s take a look at the weather weather in some major travel
destinations now.

Richard: Whether the weather will be good or wheter the weather be not.
No, whether the weather whatever the weather wheter we like it or not.

Martyn: The weather will be good, Richard and Hala.

Hala: Oh my goodness. Martyn, Martyn.
Martyn: Hi it gonna be awful if you heading to Central Europe.
(After the weather forecast)

Richard: Alright we than you for that, Martyn Jeanes.

Hala: I’ve been getting a lesson sayings in the English language. Where
does that on come from? You told me.

Richard: That is what my grandmother used to said. She was a funny
woman my grandmother.

Brief Blackouts

Liz shares this from today's broadcast.

Richard: Just before we move on a quick mention: that some viewers may every now and again see our program just your screen maybe going to black every just for a couple of seconds. This is nothing to concern yourselves about it’s all to do with the solar flare that are coming of from the sun. And the intend they, they mayby a demonstration we can almost offer you of the
sort of thing you might see.

Hala: we can plan the the solar storms on the, on the sun, but we can’t.

Richard: But if your screen goes black for a second or two do not
thread. It’s not our problem or fault and we’ll see you...

Hala: Do not adjust your set.

Richard: Yeah. We will be back in seconds because we got much more coming up in our next half hour.