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Friday, November 07, 2003
Did the Butler Do It?

It’s Friday that’s all you need to know before you read those quips.
care Liz

Richard: Now. It’s Hala: Let’s make this clear because Prince Charles is coming up with a statement saying or denying an allegation that has not made public.

Richard: Right.

Hala: He is saying whatever you hear my name mentioned in it’s not
true. I’m telling you right now don’t listen to it it’s false.

Richard: So if you are confused you are not alone in this. There is
allegation out there in the great beyond

Hala: which we can not report.

Richard: which we can not report

Hala: for legal reasons.

Richard: But even if we could report it, which we can’t.

Hala: Absolutely.

Richard: It’s not true. So you don’t know what the allegation is and

Hala: You don’t, you don’t know who cam forward with the allegation.

Richard: And you don’t know to what it relates to but you do know it’s not

(Hala laughs) Right, I think we cleared that up.

Hala: Absolutely. Moving on.

Richard: I’m sorry to tell you many of us do know what the allegation
is and can’t tell you and

Hala: But you can look it up in a few moments you probably find it on
the internet somewhere.

Richard: Possibly.

Hala: Possibly.

Richard: But it’s not true!
Hala: (laughs) But of course CNN will report on what those allegations
are (laughs) once we have the legal clearance to do so.

Richard: Assuming they where true.