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Sunday, November 16, 2003
Richard Plans for an Upcoming Holiday
It’s Thursday and that means Sunshine Search.

Jenny: It’s been a bit tricky so far to find some good sunshine but I
think I’ve managed it. I’ll have the details on that in the next hour.
Richard and Liz back to you in London.

Liz: She does that especially for you, you know.

Richard: I know.

Liz: You need the good weather.

Richard: I’m on my holiday next week. So hopefully Jenny Harrison will find a bit of sunshine. We’ll, we’ll talk more about it later. Alright

Jenny: Absolutely, Richard.

Later on Business Central

Jenny: And I might just tomorrow I have some Carabine weather for out Mr. Quest haven’t quite make up my mind it’s all to do with negotiations over hyacinths. Richard back to you.

Richard: When you have that little sun with clouds does that mean that there is going to be any sun?

Jenny: It does. What, you know it’s quite a technical term it does.
You’re going to see plenty of sunshine I know you are so worried about your sunny the sunshine and the showers on your holiday next week but you will see the sunshine.

Richard. You’re right I’ll take you give me money back. (Jenny laughs)
We’ll explain more about this tomorrow in our program. Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center. I’ll promise you she’ll be getting a little paint box out to paint suns all around where I’m going on my holidays just to make sure that I get a bit of sunshine.