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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
And now the Friday Fact

Richard: To the weather picture now and the global outlook Jenny Harrison now at the World Weather Center who’s been teasing us all with her questions about high temperatures in exotic parts, Jen.

Jenny: Well, just tell me then, Richard, November, December, January or February you think the temperature didn’t reach a hundred degrees?

Richard: Oh that’s easy January, easy.

Jenny: Okay-dook, well I Richard: Don’t you have something harder to offer.

Jenny: Oh, listen to you it couldn’t be the first time, couldn’t it, in many years maybe tow years that you get the answer the answer right. Anyway, let me just get on and let me show you the weather first of all. (forecast)

And now very quickly on to our Friday Fact the question is: Just in one month inthe United States where the temperature hasn’t reached 38°C. Can you believe it, he’s got the right answer, it’s January and I said that because he hasn’t got it right before now (she explains the answer) And I will have the full forecast and a bit of Carabine forecast for our Mr. Quest in the next half hour.

(Richard is celebrating throwing his hands in the air. Jenny only can laugh about it, as well as myself)

Richard: Yeah, victory, victory.

Jenny: Well, I must say yeah run to the floor I am quite astonished

Richard: We’ll have a round of drinks instead. Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center.

The Carribean Forecast
Jenny: Now to the conditions in the Carribean islands a very popular destination of course if you’re heading away for a few days and we have to know all of us ‘cause a certain Mr. Quest in London is indeed where he is heading next
week ... This is the the forecast of rain taking us just to the early hours of Sunday morning and as you can see we expecting some rain exactly where our Mr. Quest is going to be but as I keep on saying to Richard do not panic. There be plenty of sunshine so you can take with your summer clothing, bottle of sunteint creme but I would suggest you take an
umbrella all the same.

Richard: I want me money back.

Jenny: (laughs) Have yourself –

Richard: Jenny I will see you

Jenny: Yeah, I just wanna say have a great holiday regardless to the weather. I’m sure you’ll have a very good week away.

Richard: I will see you in a week or so Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center and I’ll blame every bit of precipitation (Jenny laughs) on her.

Finally back to Stephanie

Richard: I’ll tell you Stephanie with Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center telling me it’s going to rain ...
Stephanie: (laughs) It’s just ..
Richard: on my holiday you at the stock exchange telling me full faith was false and truly under water. It’s just why I’m off.

Stephanie: Well, I don’t mean to be so negative Richard, I really don’t.

Richard: Have a good couple of weeks.

Stephanie: You too. Bye, bye.

Richard: Right, many thanks Stephanie Sprague at the Exchanges because here is what you have to put up with it is if you wonder I’m disappearing for a couple of weeks, a week of vacation and of course a assignment in

The last thing that Richard said was that Tony Campion be on Business Central next Monday. I still have faith that this is not gonna be the case for Richard’s whole absence.

CNN Forecast: A Richard Quest Drought For a Couple of Weeks...

We shall have to content ourselves with this dispatch from Liz from Friday, November 14, 2003. Thanks Liz and best of luck on your school exams!

Well, I have to say what I tell you every week it’s Friday. There was
so much stuff today but somehow I lost patience to transcribe all of that.
I can tell you it goes from synchronized swimming and what that has in common
with rugby over rescuing Ms George to making fun of the marathon debate at
the Senate. I just wanna focus on the weather and the answer to last weeks
Friday Fact and some confusion on Business Central

Jenny: And a very good day to you from CNN’s World Weather Center. I’m
Jenny Harrison and I will have your weekend forecast in just a few moments.

(Biz News Intro)
Richard: Good day to you just saying Jenny Harrison seems remarkably
happy this morning. It could have something to do with the fact that it is a
Friday. We’ll check in with her a little later on.

Richard: Time this hour to have a look at the weather picture that we are waking up to.

Liz: Jenny Harrison joins us from the International Weather Center, Jen.

Jenny: Morning Liz, good morning Richard. I’m always in a good mood, Richard, you should know that by now weekend or not.

Moving on to Business Central now

Richard: I believe it’s Tony Campion who’s gonna be watching over the markets for us and keeping an eye on the Euro bourses. I’m wrong it’s actually Stephanie Sprague who’s doing that well you pay your money it takes your choice.
It will be Stephanie who’ll be with us here in a moment or two with those European bourses. I apologize to Stephanie before we even get there but this is CNN and here the news always comes first. (News Headlines) Well, the
markets have just open for business and Stephanie Sprague has that for us at the Euro bourses. I am not going to allow you to pull cold water on my rosy garden.

Stephanie: (laughs) I, I don’t know what to say about that it could be very short.

Later in the show Stephanie Halasz contributed a report about the German economy

Richard: So let’s got to Stephanie Halasz who (Stephanie laughs) no not Stephanie Halasz Stephanie Sprague. I got confused by all those Stephanies this morning.

Stephanie: There are all these Stephanies, I know, Richard.