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Saturday, November 29, 2003
Still No Sight of Richard?

Well here's an oldie but goodie from 2 weeks ago. Liz tells us:
One of Richard favorite things to do was making fun of the US Senate marathon debate. So you can understand the reaction of Liz when he started talking about it again.

Richard: It’s all going on and an far to long the rugby world cup for too long. A bit like the marathon debate in the US Senate.

Liz: Oh, oh, oh (laughs)

Richard. It was certain the rugby world cup is going on for weeks the marathon debate was supposed to last thirty hours. Let’s go back to Washington.

(Liz laughs) Yeah. They managed to keep talking and talking. That’s Frank Laughtenburg who’s currently I think New Jersey who’s still talking. We really like
to short listen in to what he say but we are expecting this to go on until ten or eleven o’clock in the morning Eastern Time. It will be well over forty hours when they are finally did it’s a fillibuster that really is about something you don’t want to know about i promise you that much. Because you fall asleep. Biz News with Liz an meself we’re back in a moment after we had the hot air and...

Liz: (laughs) Your so impressed with your little said were you completely forgotten that we have to have the weather forecast now. For that it’s over to Jenny Harrison.

Richard: Alright

Jenny: (Pretends to be pissed) Morning to you both. Let’s get some proper news and get on to the weather. You might not to hear about the debate but I’m sure you wanna hear exactly what you have in your forecast for the weekend.