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Monday, December 01, 2003
He's Back and Snappier Than Ever

Reports our faithful correspondent, Liz in Germany...

Earlier in the show Richard showed how difficult it is to hold your mobile close to your ear without using your hands, because there is a new law in the U.K. which prohibits driving while using your phone with your hands.)

Todd: Hey, what’s, what’s the penalty for using a mobile while on air (shows his mobile to the camera), do you know?

Richard. Well, I’m not quite sure but since you’re probably still on your first five pound package pay-as-you-go that you got in 1990 I shouldn’t really be worried about you being found

Todd: It was actually 1992. So yes, I don’t have too many worries here about that.

Richard: Todd Benjamin, we been actually we’ve been trying to find your phone number so we could make it ring while you were doing that. Todd Benjamin at
the exchanges.