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Thursday, December 04, 2003
Quest SmackDown!

Liz: I’m not gonna even comment on that one. People don’t know about
what you talk half the time.

Richard: Oh!

Jenny: Morning to you both again I was just thinking actually Don’s
words there: “he can talk and talk and talk and he’s quite a good broadcaster as well” reminds me of somebody else sitting over there in London.
(weather forecast) Now it’s back to you both in London, Richard and Liz.

Richard: We thank you for that Jenny Harrison at the World Weather
Center; revenge in the next hour.
(Jenny and Liz are laughing

Liz: I was gonna say you didn’t allow her get away with that one.

Jenny: And Richard it’s back to you. But talking of weekends on there
where you’re heading, let me tell you no rain instead you need your snow
boots but have a good weekend anyway.

Richard. I will indeed. According to Jenny Harrison I can look forward
to snow, wet and windy weather in New York (Jenny laughs) Jenny we thank you for that. But try not to laugh as you say it please. (No answer from Jenny)

Oh, she’s gone not a moment too soon.