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Friday, December 12, 2003
Richard Returns with New Headgear

Liz writes in with " The dominating thing was clearly Richard’s really “cutting edge head which he was wearing in N.Y. while he was doing a report about the low ‘Dollar and it’s impact on travelers from the US. I’ll try to send you a pic of this with this mail. Hopefully you’ll receive it."

We did and here is a photo of Richard in his new hat:

Richard: And it really was true we did prove – I mean obviously in the
time we had for that report we couldn’t show you the full seven things that I did in both cities but the truth is by the time I finished in London i had 50 Pence left or roughly 756-80 US Cents. In the United States I had about 30Dollars left in my back pocket.

Liz: Not bad. I think you should have used it actually to get yourself
a new head, I don’t know what Jenny thinks? (laughs)

Richard: Well, with Jenny Harrison of cause the being the wise woman
that she is. We’ll have been aware that it was very snowy last weekend in New York.

Jenny: I, I will but I tell you what Liz I’m so with you. If you
haven’t commented I would. Yes, with a little bit of extra money you should have got yourself a couple of extra heads. Yeah, we are not to sure about that style at all but I suppose needs must. So with all the snow out there you just grab whatever is to hand.

Talking about Hollywood

Richard: I didn’t understand “Vanilla Sky”. I still hoping somebody
will explain to me exactly what happened in that movie. I was too mean, I was too cheap to walk out before it finished since I’ve paid my money i was gonna see it to the bitter end.

Liz: Let’s take a look at the weather in some major travel destination,

Richard: I suppose that means Jenny Harrison at the World Weather

Jenny. Now, morning to you as well lovely to see you back in that seat.
Morning to you Liz.(weather forecast) Now back to you both in London,
Richard and Liz.

Richard: We thank you for that.

Liz: It’s lovely to see you back in that chair. (laughs)

Jenny: And in the next half hour I will have not only your full
forecast I’ll have a little bit of a ski summery for you as well. Richard and
Liz, back to you both in London.

Richard: Good grief Ms. Harrison. Is it that time of year already when
we put away our sunshine search and we’re looking for ski spots?

Jenny: Well, hold on...

Liz: We are actually half way through the ski season.

Jenny: Well, I just wanna say Richard got the head for it. I’m sure
he’ll be out in the slot with that lovely stripy head he’s got.

Liz: He absolutely does look like a little elf, aren’t you?

Richard: it’s what all the well dressed persons was wearing on slot
streets. (Laughter)

Liz: Okay, we gonna take the smile off Richard’s face now as well
because we promised you that head.

Richard: Oh yes. (Liz laughs)

(Again the report)
Richard: And there you have the one Dollar that was left after my day
in London and about 35 Dollars or 40 give a take that was left after my
day in New York. So as you can see Liz for those tourists those American tourists going over seas – it doesn’t really matter we choose London – but just for the reason your in Germany, France or even Australia Americans having a bad time with their money at the moment.

Liz: And also a bad time with your head. (laughs)

Richard: You – is there something wrong with that head we ought to have a vote on it.

Liz: I think we should have a vote on it: I know were me and Jenny

Liz. Absolutely amazing, the things you can learn from a fossil .

Richard: I saw a kangaroo once.

Liz: (laugh) Did you really?

Richard: I did.

Liz: Well there you are. ...

Richard: ... It was a real kangaroo. I mean admittedly I was in
Australia at the time. So perhaps it wasn’t quite as extraordinary as about seeing it down the High Street in London.

Liz: I think they are quite common in Australia.

Richard: But not on High Street of London (Liz laughs) The weather fore
cast now the travel weather forecast and Jenny Harrison is saying us please.

Jenny: Good morning guys. Actually I was just thinking Liz about your
comment “Things you can learn from a fossil” and I just happened to
have a glance of Richard sitting next to you (Laughter) but I move simply on.

Richard: Oh, ho, ho, ho.

(Liz laughs and applauds)

Jenny: It‘s Friday and I haven’t seen you for a while

Liz: Thank you.

Richard: So there is no doubt, no question that over seas visitors to
the US are gonna have a much better time o f it in the month ahead and it’s gonna get worse.
Liz: So i can expect a much bigger present when you go back to the
States this weekend? (laughs)

Richard. Let’s move along many of us catch on and as for that head
where the only say if you want to go ahead get a head.
Liz: Oh, I’m not sure. I think you should be a little bit like an elf
in that. One of Santa’s little helpers.

Jenny: And if you are gonna see more snow this weekend. You know my
advice dress yourself properly for the snow out there. (rolling the tape with Richard and his hat) Now I say dress yourself properly. This is obviously some, now it was, some snow attire our very own Richard Quest but I’m not entirely sure that. If you went dressed in that particular, particular outfit. I’m not too sure that it will get on well. The Fashion police could just charge you a fairly, hefty fine. In fact I have a rather nice still picture in case you missed that fast. There he is doesn’t he look [picture posted above] just wonderful? Yeah, as I say it’s the head really that does it not so convinced thatyou would get of without a fairly hefty fine for that. (Rest of her forecast) But now I belive it’s back to you both in London Liz (again she show this picture of Richard) and the very stylish Richard quest. There he is in all his glory. (Liz just laughs)

Richard: You may think, you may mock Ms. Harrison but it was very cold
that day and that is an extremely effective bit of head gear.

Liz: well, I don’t know.

Jenny: Well, as long as it kept your ears dry and warm.

Richard: Well, it kept something warm.

Liz: That cap does entertain for most of this morning I have to say.

Richard: Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center.

Jenny: And of course if you are heading to the ski places don’t take up
any of Richard Quest tips on fashion. Have a lucky weekend Richard.

Richard: More than enough from you, Harrison, for this morning. Have a
lovely weekend. See you next week.