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Thursday, December 18, 2003
A Penny Dreadful for Richard's Thoughts

OK, perhaps that made no sense but i have the flu too. Congrats to Liz on passing a part of her all important driver's test!

Oh, did anyone catch what Richard said after viewing that clip of the deer wandering a subway station in Washinton DC caght on the surveillance cameras? If so, send it to me.

Becky: Let’s take a look at the weather picture that Europe is waking
up to this Wednesday.

Richard: I blame the weather for my chest.

Becky: Do you?

Richard: That’s what I do.

Becky: Let’s blame Jenny for the weather We can do that now Jenny.
Richard: Jenny Harrison.
Jenny: (laughs) Oh. Good morning to you both. It’s all that jet setting that
you do Mr. Quest. All that flying one side of the Atlantic to the other.

That’s what it is or that jam on the plane maybe.

Richard: If i had to select my word of the year i probably say dreadful,
perhaps horrendous, certainly chesty.

Becky: What’s your favorite word of the year?

Richard: Dreadful.

Becky: And long is mine I think: Between the two of us a long dreadful

Richard: Yes.

Becky: Jenny Harrison joins us now from the CNN International Weather
Center. She has a forecast for us.
Richard: We’re ver glad to have your full bulletin, Mom.

Becky: Good morning to you.

Jenny: Morning to you both. Thank you very much Richard.