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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
Floral Arguments

Hey, speaking of hycinths, did you see Richard's outfit on Tuesday? Only Richard can get away with wearing a pink shirt with a yellow tie. My eyes!

Here's a funny report from Liz:

Tuesday Tips

Jenny: And basically have a very happy holiday and as I’ve written down here: hoe, hoe, hoe! And we all know who says that... not only the gardener but that man in that big red suit with the long white beard. Richard and Becky back to you. (Becky laughs) Now then Richard listen you have to be good for a moment because Becky and myself we’ve just we’ve got a bit fed up actually. You're always banging on about your bulbs for the last few weeks and how you haven’t managed to plant them and then you’ve got them and then lost them I’ve never heard something you do. So basically dear, dear Becky spend her own hard earned cash and she’s been out and bought ...

Becky: Hard earned ...

Jenny: ... you a little early Christmas present.

Becky: ... let me tell you. Uh, hold on a minute well I got something I
bought earlier (giving a bunch of hyacinths to Richard)

Richard: Oh, look.

Becky: And these are for you.

Richard: Oh!

Becky: Richard has been banging on about his hyacinth bulbs for weeks and weeks and week. Ahm, I suppose he’s done nothing with them so I’ve bought you some cut hyacinths. So you don’t have to do anything them you just put them in a vase. So you don’t have to do anything with the bulbs and the garden.

Richard: Oh, splendid listen this is marvelous I had absolutely no idea how wonderful. Jenny we thank you.

Becky: Jenny now very, very quickly what does he do with plants which are already cut? How can he survive this hyacinths.

Jenny: Well, I honestly don’t know.

Richard: I don’t think they gonna survive me. (Laughter)

Jenny: I honestly don’t know because actually I thought they might have beenin a pot ...

Becky: Uh!

Jenny: ... well, no what you supposed put them in a nice vase of water. Remember to change the water frequently Richard. Nice fresh water (Richard and Becky laugh) and they should see you through Christmas.

Becky: Otherwise it gets smelly.

Richard: Well, they are absolutely splendid. We thank you Jenny

Jenny: Well, it was Becky really.

Becky. You can give them to you mother.

Richard: No, I’m not giving them to my mother. Thank you Becky.