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Thursday, December 25, 2003
Pulling the Christmas Crackers

I wish everyone a very, merry Christmas. Even when it’s Christmas there are still some people who have to work and one of them is our Mr. Quest. To make Business Central a bit more in the spirit they play instead of the regular tunes some Christmas songs and every guest on the show had to pull a Christmas Cracker with Richard. Here are the best two:

Richard: (He’s holding a Christmas Cracker in his hand) You are familiar with one of these Todd and you are American.

Todd: Yeap.

Richard: You are familiar with on of these.

Todd: And what are the called?

Richard: They are called Christmas Crackers.

Todd: Crackers!

Richard: Crackers!

Todd: I work with crackers every day. Why do we need a cracker here?

Richard: Grab it. Pull it. (Bang) Hey I won one.

Todd: Hey what do you have in there?

Richard: Uh look at that nice little brooch. You can give it to your wife. (He gives it to Todd)

Todd: (laughs) Your generosity overwhelms me.

Richard: She will appreciate that.

Todd: Yeah.

Richard: And the hut. Don’t put it on.

Todd: No. I wouldn’t dare.

Richard: I say, I say, I say Mr. Benjamin (read the question out) What do you give a sick bird.

Todd: What do give a sick bird? (Shows the “brooch” again) This button.

Richard: Tweedment.

Todd: Yeah, I guess you need a few drinks to really appreciate this. (Both start laughing)

Richard: It’s one of the purely British traditions.

Here is the second one:

Richard: Finally another Christmas Cracker from on of our brave band of producers Lindsey joins us. You wanna sit Lindsey, you don’t wanna stand.

Lindsey: Thank you (sits down)

Richard: She is one of those people who is responsible for our – another American so we give some instructions: grab, pull.
Lindsey: Do I have to grab that thing in there.

Richard: (Shows her) Just grab. (They pull and I doesn’t work as it was supposed to) Oh, do another one. (They take the next one) Yeah I won. There is your silly hut (She puts it on. Very pretty ;) ) and your little present. (Reads the question) What is a frog’s favorite drink?

Lindsey: (no response just a questioning look)

Richard: Quaca Cola. (Lindsey laughs) That’s it for this edition of Business Central Thank you Lindsey. (They started playing a really bad Christmas song and Richard tries very hard not to laugh without much success.) The news headlines is next Larry King Live follows that. I’ll be back with a summery. Whatever you are up to in the hours ahead I hope it’s peaceful. See you tomorrow.