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Monday, January 12, 2004
I'm Back, He's Back...With Thermals and a New Co-Anchor

Liz tells us "Richard’s been in Las Vegas last week to shoot the next edition of Business Traveler which is by the way really good. And there’s something else that I think is really cool Daijt Dhaliwal is back in London. She’s been on with Richard today and she’ll stay for a couple of weeks. "

Richard: We also welcome you this morning.

Dalijt: Well, thank you very much it’s great to be here.

Richard: Dalijt here with us for the next couple of weeks to keep me in me place.

Dalijt: (laughs) Absolutely. I’m gonna try.

Richard: And don’t forget of course we will have full coverage of the
Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primaries.

Daljit: That’s right and I believe you are going up to cover that.

Richard. I am leaving for New Hampshire the cold winds, the snows,..

Daljit: Don’t forget your skis!

Richard: Never mind (Dalijt laughs) Miss, miss - what about me

Richard And we will have full coverage of not only the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary over the next couple of weeks. There is full comprehensive coverage in fact the best you gonna get anywhere here on CNN.

Dalijt: Alright, let’s...

Richard: Or am I biased to me?

Dalijt: Ahm, no comment (laughs)

Richard: Oh that.

Dalijt: Well, we can discuss that little later on but I think it’s time
for the weather right now, right?

Richard: The weather, oh yes.

Dalijt: Lola.

Richard: Now I got a few things to take up with with Lola Martinez at the World Weather Center. Namely the cold, miserable weather we’re enjoying at the moment. (Dalijt laughs)

Lola: I thought you like the cold, miserable weather. It’s winter time
after all, right?

Richard: Well, yes but I had to buy some new scarves and gloves and boots (Lola laughs)

Dalijt: and thermals.

Lola: It’s always good to do a bit of shopping.

Richard: And thermals, thermals. (Richard and Daljit laughing)

Lola: Anyway, cold and miserable weather as Richard puts, I don#t think it’s that miserable it just a bit windy conditions.

Richard: Now then we must turn our attention to matters concerning the weather.

Dalijt: Alright. We joined once again by Lola Martinez and she joins us from the International Weather Center. Hi Lola.

Lola: Hello.

Richard: It hasn’t got any warmer here Lola.

(Lola laughs)
Dalijt: Must work harder to warm it up Lola.

Lola: Why is it always my responsibility? Meteorologists have to be
responsible for the weather always.

Richard: Take the heat out of the kitchen.

Dalijt: Yes gonna blame someone.

Lola: okay I’m to blame then.

Daljit: Hell everyone and welcome to the program.
Richard: Now I’m just wondering whether the is a bit of grim sport

We’re all wearing black jackets today.
Dalijt: (laughs9 What are we moaning?
Richard: Yeah, is this a message Don.
Don: (looks through his paper) Well, I’m sorry t disappoint you nothing
today i can’t see anything that’s gonna upset you in this.
Richard: I’m sure there will be something (Don laughs).
Dalijt: You can’t find any grim news?
Don: For Richard I will always try.
(Daljit laughs)

There was much more that I can report but I guess that’s enough for today. Just a quick word on Dalijt again she should work more with Richard.
She has a really cute way to laugh. I think I never ever seen her laugh so much on "Your World Today" (her actual show). Anyway have a great day. C-ya Liz