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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Today Richard Sings!

Dalijt: Alright time now for us to check in on the kind of weather that Europe is waking up too?

Richard: Things will be sunny, roses will bloom, the sum will shine because Jenny Harrison is moving back amongst us at the World Weather Center.

Dalijt: Great.

Jenny: Oh, morning to Dalijt nice to talk to you. Richard a very good morning to you as well. I wish i can bring you some sunshine but it’s
gonna be a rather wet day across Europe as for those roses I won’t make a gardener out of you Richard. It’s a bit to early for roses to be blooming. (At the end
of the weather forecast) Now it’s back to you both in Richard, in Richard, in
Richard (laughs) Richard and Daljit.

Daljit: (laughs) Thanks Jenny. I’ll try to write a poem for you tomorrow, how is that?

Richard: Alright, Jenny Harrison. Dear oh dear, you can see how things are
gonna go for the rest of the morning (Daljit laughs) Not boding well.

I really liked that heading: “A stalker in the gym? Must be Jeanne

Dalijt: Welcome time for a bit of a fitness trip ahm tip now. Actually not a trip but maybe it could be too. Now if you’re bored aerobics still yet
nowhere near the body of your dreams (to Richard) You don’t have that problem, do

Richard: (starts singing) The minute you walked into joy

(Dalijt laughs) We
gonna show you a class design to improve how you can look naked or
rather now you can look as you get naked. I don’t think you can change too much
about the first perhaps about the latter. Jeanne Moos went to see how it’s

Jenny: I’ll have more details in the next half hour and of course those Tuesday Tips. Richard and Dalijt back to you.
Richard: Oh, why have I got a nasty feeling that my hyacinths (Jenny laughs)
will make a unpleasant reappearance. Alright Jenny.

Dalijt: Thanks Jenny.

Richard. You’ll get your free shot later in the program.

Jenny: I’m glad to hear it.

Richard: Oh she hasn’t.

Dalijt: Still listen in.
Richard: I thought it was to good to be true.

Just on thing before I go. Hala is now in Atlanta taking Dalijt’s place on Your World Today. Take care Liz