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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
On the Quest for Quips Along the Campaign Trail

How come Richard is covering the US Presidential primaries? Isn't his beat business?

Anyway here's some quips sent by Liz:

Richard: Until then, we continue to watch and monitor what is happening
in New Hampshire. But, truth be told, as the hour grows late this is a
that has already been mixed, today it goes into the oven and -- frankly
speaking -- it is all but baked.

I kinda liked the comparison. The second bit I’ve got a transcript. I
know if I already send it before.

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Well, we're told in New Hampshire that the
there is "Live free or die." What a perfect place for our Richard Quest
be, inside the CNN bus. Not quite sure what he's up to. I'm a little
But, Richard, what's happening?

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hello, yes, we're aboard the CNN
Express, the bus that is going to carry CNN from North to South to East
west -- to Missouri, to Arizona, to New York, to Florida -- yes! Sorry,
quite taken over by a certain recent event concerning Howard Dean. ...

PHILLIPS: OK. I heard something about you and a harmonica. Is this

QUEST: Now, look, a gentlemen -- a really nice gentleman from a company
which I think is called Harmonical Necklace -- they are necklaces with
on them. They're very small. They are -- new Hampshire, first in the
the primary harmonica. And on the back, there are instructions for how
I can
play "Hail to the Chief." All right? Are you ready to bear with me on

PHILLIPS: I'm never ready for you, but that's the best part, Richard.

QUEST: All right, Kyra, here we go. This could be -- I could get thrown
of these United States for what I'm about to do. But here we go.

PHILLIPS: It won't be the first time.

QUEST: Deep breath, deep breath.


PHILLIPS: We are all clapping. We are all clapping here in the
Richard. I think you ought to play for queen when you get home.

QUEST: I'll tell you what, Kyra. By the time I leave New Hampshire --
a -- next Wednesday , I promise you that on the primary harmonica, I'll
able to do a rendition of "God Save the Queen."

PHILLIPS: Outstanding. And you know what, Richard? I'm going to hold
you to
it, pal.

QUEST: Thank you.

PHILLIPS: Excellent. God love him. Thank you, Richard Quest. You keep
practicing, my friend.