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Thursday, February 12, 2004
Richard As One of the Seven Dwarves...

Liz writes in "Hi this is from today’s show. This was after the Disney story. "

Alison: Big News and great to see the pictures in that in, in, in, in
that package there of, of the seven dwarfs. Who do you think you are? Are
you Sneezy? Or Grumpy? Or Sleepy? Or should we go to Jenny?

Richard: Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center. It is not often
Jenny that I invite you to rescue me, but on this occasion I think please
help me.
Jenny: Yes I wonder where you go with that. So oh he could never be
Grumpy really, could he? No not our Richard never a grumpy one.

I think Richard should be Dopey. What do you think he should be?