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Friday, February 13, 2004
From Richard, With Love

Liz tells us that Richard ended today's broadcast with

"Richard: What ever you up to this Valentine’s Day i hope it’s love
filled and maybe just a bit profitable."

And the director took the cue and gave Richard and Allison a nice Valentine-themed graphic.

Richard: And I have to tell you also today that Jenny Harrison at the
World Weather Center she is going to be insufferable.

Alison: Why?

Richard: Oh apparently she predicted snow in Athens and it snowed in
Athens. I didn’t know ..

Alison: A proof she is always right.

Richard: Yes but she should be quite insufferable as the day goes on.
Alison: (laughs) We should look forward to chatting to her later on in
the hour.

Richard: We tell you about that and what else is going on about the

Richard: right now we are not going to hear to end of it for a
considerable time apparently snowing in Athens.

Alison: (laughs) And Jenny predicted it. The very, clever jenny
Harrison joins us.

Richard: Well, it she was very clever she’ll be able to predict a few
lottery numbers For the Euro lottery (Jenny laughs) Now that would be

Alison: So that would be very handy jenny 18 million Euro. Yes, please.

Jenny: Listen, who’s to say I can’t predict it maybe I keep that
information all to myself you never know, but yeah ahm (Alison and Richard start
laughing) your quite right of course there has been some snow in Athens

Alison: Now it’s time for, it’s first time this hour – what I’m trying to

Richard: You trying to say: it’s the first time in this hour that we
are going to visit the CNN International Weather Center...

Alison: What would i do without you?

Richard: ...where we will find our, our –

Alison: uh, where we will find our, our wonderful friend Jenny Harrison
there (Jenny laughs). There we are we finishing each other sentences

Richard: Jenny.

Alison: Morning.

Jenny: Oh my goodness, morning to you both. Well it is Friday, isn’t
it? It’s four people out there trying to watch that thing this morning, my

(weather forecast)
Alison: Jenny thanks very much. We’ve got our teeth back in. You’ll be
pleased to know. You are watching CNN.

Richard: Luckily we’ve got our own teeth back in.
(Alison laughs)