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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Happy Birthday to Liz in Germany!

Liz, our faithful correspondent in Germany, celebrated her 18th Birthday yesterday. Let's send her best wishes as she inches toward the age of maturity.
Admist all the celebrating, she still found time to send us some quips.
Thanks for that.

Becky: You are watching CNN. Coming up:
Richard: There is ...
Becky: much more.
Richard: There is plenty more. I hope there is.
Becky: (laughs) Yes, absolutely.
Richard: We have hours to go.

Becky: Welcome back.
Richard: If my stars – I was just looking at my stars – if only half
them come true today ...
Becky: Are you richer for it.
Richard: I’m richer, I’m, I’m wealthier, I’ve got love life up for it.
Becky: Oh my goodness, life will be on the up for you then. Hey, things
change. Don Riddell is here with the sport.
Richard: Yes, Don Riddell.
Don: Don’t believe anything you read in the papers, Richard. (Becky
Didn’t they teach you that?


Richard: I suppose you can also get rid of some nonessentials...
Becky: like pilots.
Richard: Pilots, the engines (Becky laughs) cut back on the engines.
Becky: He really is a no thrills operator, isn’t he?