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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Pretty Fly for an Old Guy

Liz tells usIt’s been revealed that our Richard is a real old-timer.

Becky: Well, if you’re watching in bed maybe you just stay there.
Doesn’t look particularly nice, does it?

Richard: Wasn’t really an option for many of us this morning. (Becky and Jenny laughing)

Becky: No, not for us.

Brit awards

Becky: Really noisy but fitting.

Richard: I was about to say I feel a headache starting (Becky laughs) and I’m afraid to say “The Darkness” won’t be performing on my gramophone.[...]

Richard: I don’t know what it is like when you actually win a lifetime achievement award? Does it just mean you’ve been around a very long time?

Becky: Yeah, you’re old (laughs).

Richard: You’re old (laughs).

Becky: “Duran Duran”, right. Okay well, let’s see whether Jenny
remembers the members of that group.

Richard. Oh, what are you suggesting?!

Becky: I’ve suggested that Jenny is maybe too young to, Jenny.
Jenny: (laughs) Oh of course I remember “Duran Duran” but I tell you what I don’t refer to it as noisy and giving me a headache music as you two do. I’m not gonna put myself in that same category (weather forecast) I’ll have some more weather next hour but for now it’s back to those old-timers, old-timers in London, Becky and Richard.

Becky: Ouch, (laughs) now we deserve that thank you very much indeed.

Business Central

Jenny: [...] and of course I will be here until the end of the week but for now Richard it’s back to you.

Richard: We look forward to that. A threat or a promise (Jenny laughs) but Jenny Harrison will be with us between now and the rest of the week. We got Sunshine Search and maybe some Friday Fact. Well there is lot’s to be talked of. A final look at the markets Paula Hancocks also threading to be with us for the rest of the week.

Paula: (laughs) I can take the rest of the week off if you prefer. It’s no problem by me. (European market update)

Richard: Okay we thank you for that Paula Hancocks who I can honestly tell you will be with us for the rest of the week (she drops her paper and tries to look disappointed) and there’ll be ser – don’t you look like that – there be serious repercussions if you're not.

Paula: Okay I’ll se you tomorrow.

Richard: We’ll be dogging your pay. Yes absolutely.