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Monday, March 08, 2004
Good Morning, London!

Richard's back and he we have a transcript thanks to Liz!

Hala: Alright, time for a look at the weather picture. Martyn Jeans
joins us.

(Martyn starts speaking but you can’t hear him. I love technical

Richard: Oh dear, Martyn (pause) Uh.
Hala: Is it me I can’t hear him.
Richard: Try switching yourself on Martyn.
Hala: Is there a button we can push here?
Richard: Uh, dear, we’re having a few difficulties there with Martyn
Well, Martyn Jeans is having a few difficulties with us!
Hala: Right, we’re gonna try to repair that. All we can tell you is it
raining, it was raining in London and it was kind of frosty outside.
That’s all
the weather I can give you.
Richard: And it was pleasant elsewhere (Hala and Richard start
Alright that is our weather forecast. This is CNN Today, we’ll back in
a moment.
Hala: “And it was pleasant elsewhere” (laughs) Stay with us.
Richard: This is it. That’s the moral of our morning “pleasant
(both laugh)
(Commercial Break)
Richard: On than welcome back I’ve already given you my highly
weather forecast, that it’s pleasant. What was it?
Hala: It’s pleasant elsewhere.
Richard: It’s pleasant elsewhere.
Hala: We’re in London elsewhere it’s normally pleasant. Martyn Jeans
more details on that (Martyn laughs) from the World Weather Center.
Martyn: Well, at least...
Hala: Is that about acurate? Is that about what’s going on? Is it
Martyn: No it’s not actually, Hala. Great in London today it ‘s looking
actually good.
(Hala laughs)