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Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Hey Richard, 42 Looks Good On You!

Happy Birthday to our favorite boy!

Jenny: And as the day progresses and continues to bring well it’s a bit
of a different for somebody out there. I’ll have more on who’s birthday it
is in the next half hour or perhaps I just say: Happy birthday Richard, and
there is a bit of a surprise for you in the next half hour.

Richard: Ah yeah it is right. (Jenny laughs) Nothing what I can say
after that.

Hala: Who’s birthday is it? I don’t quite...

Jenny: Who?

Hala: Alright Jenny Harrison we’ll see you again...

Richard: Yeah, yeah

Hala: What? She said we’ll have more in the next half hour. What do you
want we gonna do the hole show? Wait a bit a bit of patience is required on
this in this studio. (Jenny and Richard laugh)

Later in the show

Jenny: Now that we do like a bit of traditions on this show and of
course it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t resort back to your little birthday

Of course it’s a new one this year and of course I’m talking about our Richard Quest and here we go:

It’s that time again
For old man Quest,
to look his very best...

But however turned out,
we all want to shout –
Don’t feel blue...

You’re only 42!
Happy birthday Richard!

Richard: I, I, I, don’t ... Did you have to?!
(Jenny laughs)
Hala: Well done! He’s speechless.

Richard: Did you have to? The age woman, the age woman. The age!
Jenny: But you look so good for it. I mean there is not a gray hair to
be seen, there is no lines on the face. I mean you look marvelous. You
should be celebrating. (Richard laughs) You need to celebrate that fact.

Richard: Oh just keep on saying the age a bit more. Just wait until
it’s your turn, Ms. Harrison.

Jenny: (laughs) Yes, I should make sure that I get a day off on my

Richard: Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center. Many thanks.
Hala: Yes the good thing is to stay away on your birthday because you
get this kind of thing. People reminding you of your age. Happy birthday
though Richard. You don’t look a day over.

Richard: Hey!!
Hala: Your World Sport update...
Richard: Hey!!
Hala: (smiling) is coming up next on CNN. Hey! Stay with us for that.