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Thursday, April 29, 2004
Sorry for the delayed post but I've got a new job...

which I dare not post from. Have we all seen this groovy new ep of European Quest?

Our man has the stomach flu but he managed to post this dispatch.

"My wallet is bulging. No, that is not a boast about how much cash I have, rather a reflection of the bundle of small currency that's accumulated having been on the road for two weeks through the new Europe.

Latvian Lats. Estonian Crowns. Polish Zloty. They're all there. Small denominations after changing money and spending as I went along.

Although the 10 countries will join the European Union by next week they will all keep their own currencies for the next few years.

It's not that they didn't want to join the eurozone (the 12 existing EU members who share the euro as their common currency) rather that these countries simply weren't economically ready to accept the euro and all its strictures"

bulging wallet...cheeky monkey!