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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
And We're Back

Both Richard and I have settled back into our respective roles after a slight work-related hiatus.

And Liz in Germany gives us the goods...

Hala: Okay, time now ahm for the first time this hour for a look at the
weather forecast.
Richard: She’s been out, traveling out and about.
(Jenny laughs)
Hala: Yes, we were worried, we were worried where she was a couple of
without Jenny. Now she’s back on her post. Jenny what’s the weather
Jenny: First of all nobody does quite as much traveling as our Mr.
Out and about, my goodness. I’m a few days off.
Richard: Ooooh.
(Hala laughs)
Jenny: Well, it’s very nice to see you both again I must just say that.

Hala: Well, there is a new electronic worm out there spreading quickly
personal computers world wide. It’s called the “Sasser” worm. It was
detected on Friday at first and has already infected hundreds of
of PCs. It automatically spreads via the internet to computers using
Microsoft Windows operating system. But users may not know they are
one symptom though is that the computer my restart every time the user
to go online. To be save experts suggest downloading the corrective
from Microsoft’s website.
Richard: Don’t start me on this one please.
Hala: Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t start me.
Richard: I’ve been hit by the –
Hala: It’s, it’s not even a useful virus.
Richard: Pardon?
Hala: It’s just restarts. It’s just annyoing. It doesn’t do anything.
doesn’t benefit the virus’s creator in any way. (Richard laughs) In any
we have the patch.
Richard: Do we?
Hala: So, well –
Richard: We will.
Hala: We will. (laughs)

Hala: Well, let’s take a look at the weather (starts laughing because
Richard just won’t stop starring at her) he’s looking at me in a really
weird way.
Richard: I’ll stop it, I’ll stop it.
Hala: Right. (laughs)