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Monday, May 17, 2004
Grouchy Quest

Here's some transcripts from Liz in Germany. Thanks again Liz....

Wednesday, 12. May 2004

Richard: Oh nice and warm weather could do a bit of that I tell ya. I’m
a bit chesty this morning.

Monita: I KNOW I HAVE TO HEAR IT! (laughs)

Richard: And nothing worng with that!

Monita: Well, let’s take a look at the weather in some of the major
travel destinations. (to Richard) I know you wanna know all of that.

Richard: (very bored) Oh Jenny is with us again.

Monita: (laughs) Nice.

Jenny: Well, that sounded enthusiastic, didn’t it? I have got some nice
weather for you Mr. Quest in London today and tomorrow.

(weather forecast)

Richard: Oh, some sunshine.

Monita: Thank you Jenny. (to Richard) Are you happy now?

Richard: Oh, well not really (Monita laughs) but that is the best it’s
gonna get.

Monita: Grumpy.

Richard: Okay.

Monita: Ant that is all from us here on CNN Today. Thank you so much
for joining us.

Richard: I’ll be back in a moment with the European markets which re
just about to open. We’ll both be back tomorrow for another CNN Today.

Monita: And he’ll be happier. (laughs)

Richard: Don’t put money on it.