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Monday, June 28, 2004
RQ ON the QE2

Thanks to Liz in Germany, we have a transcript of Richard's visit to the new QE2. We will be running the transcript over the entire week.

Thanks Liz and best of luck on all your exams!

Business International Friday, 25. June 2004

Richard: It might be a summer tournament but it always seems to rain on
the players parade. Jenny Harrison, who’s poured more water on our parades
than is honest or decent, is visiting London. Morning Ms. Harrison.

Jenny: Oh, morning Mr. Quest. It is my fault I do realizes that.

Richard: Why does it always rain at Wimbledon?

Jenny: Well it doesn’t ALWAYS rain, does it?

Richard: It does!

Jenny: I doesn’t actually. Well, you know what it is we remember the
rain. That’s what it is. And you’re right on Wednesday it was a washout and
that’s pretty unusual BUT it was to do with the position of low pressure (Now she explains that more) But it’s a beautiful day today. It could not be nicer and that’s because I’m leaving London today. So it’s very nice.
Richard: Right. So Wimbledon is going to have good weather today?

Jenny: Good today, not so good tomorrow, good on Sunday but of course
on Sunday there are traditionally there are no matches but that might
change as you know it depends.

Richard: Right. Now one of the reasons I’ve invited Ms. Harrison to
join me as we continue to our business traveler update is that later this
afternoon Business Traveler is setting sail on board the Queen Mary. We’re going from South Hampton to New York. There has been one or two rumors about some safety problems about Queen Mary. What - I’m not a good sailor - Jenny.

Jenny: Oh, ahm did you notice my shirt I’m wearing today?

Richard: Well uhm.

Jenny: I thought this might get your sea legs up and running ‘coz it’s
quite a swirly sweatshirt, you know.

Richard: I can hardly miss that shirt. In time it’s giving me a

Jenny: (laughs) But it’s all to get your sea legs, you know, going for
your trip. Beautiful to set –

Richard: As long as you stay in that shirt I’ll be very happy.

Jenny: (laughs) It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, to set
sail to sea in South Hampton this evening calm seas.

Richard: Sit back please, sit back.

Jenny: Calm seas, clam (laughs) calm seas –

Richard: Now they warn me about people like you.

Jenny: BUT there is a big, big storm waiting in the southwest as your
big ship heads out in the Atlantic. Big storm.

Richard: Thank you.

Jenny: Big storm.

Richard: Are you serious?

Jenny: I am quite serious (laughs). There is a fairly big storm. But I
mean something like the Queen Mary 2, it’s more than capable sailing through the Atlantic.

Richard: So I’ve got a big storm that’s I’m heading right towards?

Jenny: Big storm and in fact over the course of the next six days there
will be on or two big storms heading over the north Atlantic. Now obviously
quite far for me to preempt – who is it? – the captain.

Richard: Yes.