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Friday, July 09, 2004
Richard Gets It Off His Chest

From Liz in Germany, "Richard and Alison were complaining that they were chesty and Richard
did say that it probably have to do something with barometric pressure.
Marisaid that this can effect pregnant women."

Mari: Richard, Alison 1016 mbar and steady that is the actual
barometric pressure for you in London but it should start falling later today.
Back toyou.

Alison: Ah! Mari thank you very much although you did concern us
slightly there. We just like to clarify, would we, that Richard, nor Richard nor
I are actually pregnant.

Mari: There you go.

Alison: Because we were a little bit concerned

Mari: And there is no hurricane coming to you.

Alison: Very good, very important that we stressed that (Mari laughs)

No. Right, it's good.

Richard: And I, I have to tell you, I have to tell you Mari there is
now a lady in Australia ah...

Alison: My poor mother!

Richard: Alison's mother who wonders what you know that the rest of us