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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Checking in on Richard

And we're back. We've found some more free time and transcripts from Richard's various shows. Here's some tidbits from the October 2004 edition of "Business Traveller" in which Richard travels to Istanbul for negotiation tips.

He plays checkers in a local cafe: Hello and welcome to CNN BUSINESS TRAVELLER. I'm Richard Quest, this month reporting from Istanbul in Turkey, a city that is rich in culture and tradition. After all, it's been a central trading post over three major civilization; the Ottomans, the Romans, the Byzantines.

The traders here have had to learn to deal with different cultures and it's made them the masters of the art of negotiation, which is the theme of this month's BUSINESS TRAVELLER.

We're going to show how you can be a successful negotiator and teach you the skills you need to clinch that deal. Also, cross cultural training, whether in Turkey, Japan or Germany, how a little bit of extra knowledge gives you the upper hand in your business dealings around the world. And we meet the man behind some of Wall Street's more successful business leaders. He's Joseph Batcholder (ph). What makes him a good negotiator? We go ON THE ROAD with him.

That was certainly unexpected.

This is a game of strategy and skill, a bit like a negotiation, where the ability to anticipate your opponents move brings you success, or not as the case may be. Sona (ph) is clearly doing it much better than I am.

In fact, we're just playing checkers in a street-side caf‚ in Istanbul while others are playing backgammon and chest. In the real business world, though, there's much more at stake and in fact there are still some tricks and skills you can learn to bring you some sort of success, unlike me. "

It's a bit tricky trying to visualize what's going on but we'll do our best.

Richard visits the Turkish baths. We'd have liked to see THAT segment.

Finally, it's time to say good bye while Sufi mystics spin around him, no doubt.
QUEST: The whirling dervish, putting a different spin on negotiations. And that's CNN BUSINESS TRAVELLER for this month. I'm Richard Quest, reporting from Istanbul in Turkey. Wherever your travels may take you, I hope your negotiations don't go in circles. I'll see you next month. "