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Monday, November 15, 2004
Quest Makeover

On the 11/14/2004 edition of Business Traveller, Richard travels to my home city, Los Angeles, for a Hollywood lesson on image in the the business world.

He reports:

RICHARD QUEST, CNN ANCHOR: Your looks, your actions, your appearance. It's crucial to your career. What you say, how you say it, can make or break your next deal. So on CNN BUSINESS TRAVELLER, developing the right business image.
Hello and welcome to CNN BUSINESS TRAVELLER. I'm Richard Quest, reporting from Hollywood. I'm here because this town is all about how you look and how you act, and our program this month is all about image.

When you're traveling abroad, are you projecting the right image? We'll show you how to develop your communication skills and actions to help you get ahead. Dressing for success; how to look polished and professional when you've been on the road for weeks. And branding your business abroad. How to ensure your company's image translates well overseas.

Footprints, handprints and signature. This is, of course, Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, where some of the greatest stars in the world have expressed themselves I cement.

How you express yourself says a lot about you and your company, so getting it right can be the difference between getting the deal and not.

Richard's unique style fails to impress the native stylists:

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, listen, I've got to go. I'm working with the CNN guy and he's all alone and pulling for himself.

QUEST (on camera): I am dressed for success and ready to beat the world.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, you're not. Let me tell you something. You are not going out like that with my name on you. I mean, all these pieces are great but, listen, you do not have an eye for fashion. I am going to pick some stuff out for you. Let's go inside. Come inside. It's horrible.

Now you're ready for Rodeo Drive.