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Monday, November 22, 2004

Quest Quipper Liz in Germany has returned! She writes:

I was traveling around in the US for a month
and I started university. But know I'm back with Quips for you and your
fellow readers ;) BTW Richard's gone off for some weeks now to tape the new
edition of Business Traveler in Singapore. So enjoy the old stuff I gathered
over the last few month. Oh and before I forget it there have been some
major changes on CNNInternational since we last spoke. Hala Gorani moved to
Atlanta and Monita Rajpal has replaced her in London. And there is also
Andrea Sanke who anchors with Questy now. Well in anyway her's what
I've got for you:

Tuesday, 7. August 2004

Monita: Let’s take us time now to get a look at the weather picture for
those of you in Europe and what you can expect today. We’ve been having
really nice weather here in London
Richard: You sound surprised.
(Jenny laughs)
Monita: No I could tell that I brought the sunshine.
Richard: Well, well I mean I’m sure we’re all very delighted with that
Harrison (girls laugh) Monita Rajpal is talking full faith and credit
any decent weather we’ve got – so your not really needed.
Jenny: No absolutely not I’ll go home now. You were saying earlier that
bosses say we should go to bed earlier (Monita laughs) or something

Richard: Do you have a note pad?
Monita: No, I don’t even have any plants. I can’t even take care of
plants. I would have said that before. Anyway, that’s a whole other
Richard: Unbelievable I think we’re learning more about that then we