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Monday, December 06, 2004
Dogging Richard

Friday, 24. September 2004

Richard: Now a last look at the markets in this hour Stephanie Sprague joins us. Stephanie are you a sort of a – are you a dog-woman or a cat-woman or do you prefer a goldfish?

Stephanie: (laughs) I like dogs Richard. I leave it at that I like
dogs. I’m a dog-woman.

Richard: You’re a dog-woman?

Stephanie: Yes.

Richard: Alright you could do the markets now. We clarified that issue.

Stephanie: Yes. We – how about yourself?

Richard: OH no never mind me.

Stephanie: Oh, oh alright fine let’s turn to the markets now.

Tuesday, 28. September 2004

Richard: Justin many thanks indeed. You’ve not planning to retire any
time soon!

Justin: Not yet.

Richard: No thankfully. So you maybe able to help us understand the
market. Many thanks indeed.

Andrea: (laughs) Coming up...

Richard: 30 years.

Andrea: Can we trust him?

Richard: 30 years!

Andrea: Can we trust him?

Richard: 30 years!

Andrea: Do you trust him?

Richard: (Speechless)


Andrea: I do!

Andrea: Don.
Richard: What?
(Andrea and Don laughing)

Andrea: Don

Richard: Don? Oh him!

Don: I am here yes.

Richard: Good of you to pop in for a bit of light broadcasting.

Don: (laughs) You’re welcome. Thank you very much.

Andrea: Uh that was – a bad kind of thing.

Richard: Talking Stephanie into, I was gonna say into heavy oil and
heavy waters which of course don’t mix which is why we moved on.