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Friday, December 10, 2004
Monday, 6. December 2004

Love is in the air...
Monita: On a bit of a different site of the whole election and the
political issue there is a bit of a saucy side issue to the on going political demonstrations in Ukraine.

Richard: Oh dear! (Monita laughs) Oh dear, that's not gonna get unsavory.

(Monita laughs again) it is a Monday morning after all (Monita guess what?

Right, laughs) Now after the election results were disputed and anger filled the streets things really heated up in more ways than on.

Monita: Well as protestors boomed romance bloomed. Four couples have even tied the knot. On pair taking their vows after meeting just three days earlier. Their wedding took place right in the heart of the protest tents where an official registry was set up. That’s kinda sweet.

Richard: Are, are they old enough to be out without a note from their mom?

Monita: (laughs) Oooh, you, you, you, you’re better. You’re getting better.

Richard: Well, well (Monita again laughing) Alright, you can clearly
see where the program is going this morning –

Monita: (While laughing and in fact barely understandable) Yeah.

Richard: but we’re very glad you’re all with us. This is CNN Today
there is plenty more – They weren’t that old!

Monita: I’m sure, but maybe, maybe they were old enough? Obviously, they were old enough.

Richard: Alright. Let’s turn our attention to the sudden drop in the
price of Mexican oil, which adds fuel to the budget fight. We’ll check the top business stories after a short break. CNN Today. (The music starts) I’m telling you they weren’t that old!

Monita: (can just laugh about it)

(The music gets louder and we go to the break)