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Monday, December 13, 2004
Under the Weather with a Grouchy Richard

Liz from Germany writes in, "He's back again after his strange disappearance last week:"

Monday, 13. December 2004

Richard: And we are both feeling a bit chesty this morning (Andrea
laughs)here is a lot of flu around. Martyn Jeanes is here with the weather.

Martyn: Well, the weather in London won’t do you any good today
Richard. A lot of cloud around there and some misty condition but on the world
front more flooding in Malaysia so I’ll have and update of the weather
forecast there in just a few minutes.

Richard: Alright Martyn many thanks indeed and apologies if we do seem
to be a little bit more sniffly this morning (Andrea laughs) Well, there’s a
lot of it about, doesn’t it?

Andrea: Too much. We should perhaps have stayed in bed this morning.

Richard: (laughs) Alright.

Andrea: (laughs) I won’t say any more.

Richard: So to speak yes absolutely right.

Richard: Actually, I just – watching Jim Bitterman’s report there and
the students and they can’t afford the coffee and the cigarettes and the
beer and it’s too cold for them (Andrea smiles) PUT ON ANOTHER SWEATER!!!

Andrea: (laughs) Don’t you miss those times though? (No reply from
Richard)Once in a life time.

Richard: Let the record reflect. That on December, the thirteenth 2004
we’ve started talking about next years Oscars.

Andrea: (laughs because of Questy’s dramatic performance) What are you
acting down? You love it.

Richard: I never ends –

Andrea: You live for those things –

Richard: It never ends.

Andrea: – and now it’s ouchph (act likes she’s pushing something away)
can’t stand it. (laughs)