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Monday, December 20, 2004
Richard Communicates with Santa

Tuesday, 14. December 2004

Richard: Hello you’re very welcome. We are delighted you tuned our way.
The start of a new day. We are Today on Tuesday, December the fourteenth.
I’m Richard Quest. Only two weeks left to the end of the year.
Andrea: It’s true! You know what you are getting for Christmas. I’m
Andrea Sanke. Also today: While Santa packs his sleigh Europeans packing their
bags for holiday shopping in the United States. It’s our look a the currency

Richard: She has been teasing me (Andrea laughs) on this Christmas
holiday gift for so long, Martyn Jeanes. Who know what it will be? But you’re
here with the weather.

Martyn: (laughs) We look forward to that.

(Richard scribbling something)

Andrea: What are you doing there?

Richard: Dear Santa, (Andrea laughs) send me a Ferrari and a Bentley.
(Andrea talking at the same time)

Andrea: Richard’s letter was rejected because he’d sent it to the North
Pole instead of Reindeerland. Santa one at Reindeerland.
If you writing a letter (starts laughing because Richard just said

Richard: Oh I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry! Santa’s – now, now I know why
I’m not gonna get the presents I want. I’ve got the wrong address.

Andrea: Right, it is not the North pole it is officially now

Richard: Reindeerland. That’s CNN Today for this Tuesday. I’m Richard

Andrea: European markets will be opening in a few minutes time and
guess who will be back with all the details in Business International. Stay with

Richard: Will be back tomorrow.