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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Richard Quest Quotes Cat Stevens

Monday, 20. December 2004

Monita: Well for the some of you who may already feel like winter –but get this winter doesn’t officially begin in the northern hemisphere for another day or so but already some people are dreaming of warmer southern climates, myself included.

Richard: For many lucky Germans escape isn’t all that far away. They can relax in the tropics just south of Berlin. (Monita laughs) Something doesn’t add up here Stephanie Halaz has our report.
(After the report)
Richard: Ah, Stephanie beat me too – I was just about to say – make sure if you’re going there you get there early and put a towel on the deck chair...

Monita: That does look like fun there, doesn’t it? I’d go. I need a
bit of sunshine. That’s alright.

Richard: Alright.

Monita: Can Martyn help? Martyn Jeanes?

Richard: (Martyn laughs) No, he’s not helping us on that score today.

Richard: Hello and a very good morning and a warm welcome. It is
Monday, December 20th We are very pleased you are with us I’m Richard Quest.

Monita: I’m Monita Rajpal also coming up today: Are you dreaming of a horror Christmas? We’ll tell, we’ll tell you what you won’t wanna check out what’s under your tree. We’ll examine some of the toys branded as the sickest presents ever. And I won’t give that to you, don’t you worry.

Richard: She’s not getting me anything. (Monita laughs) Martyn Jeanes has the weather. All I get is promises of presents.

Richard: Who would you have as your person of the year if it wasn’t George Bush? And remember – now I think it’s important to say this.

Monita: Hmm.

Richard: Alright it’s important!

Monita: I think so too. I know what you gonna say.

Richard: What was I gonna say?

Monita: Well, you gonna say: It’s not necessarily this person of the year –picking a person of the year is not necessarily about – ahm – approving what they do. It’s just about what kind of significant impact this person has made.

Richard: She’s right. I was going to say that (Monita laughs) It’s not about the, the good or the bad. It’s about what sort of significance – well you’ve just said it.

Monita: (laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Richard: Well now oh Monita –

Monita: (laughs) No, I just can read your mind. That’s all.

Richard: Can you, can you read – by the way you should have the e-mail addres somewhere down there – ahm Can you read the mind of Martyn Jeanes as to what he is going to –

Monita: Well, yeah he’s gonna say that it’s not gonna be such great weatherhere in Europe, ha Martyn?

Martyn: Yes, yes you’re right (Monita and Richard start laughing) Woah that is amazing (Monita laughs) Monita, the job is yours.

Richard: Hello very good morning to you. Start of a new working week at least for most of us. Assuming of course you haven’t been working on Sunday but ahm – well – I’m sorry?

Monita: (just can’t behave herself any longer and starts laughing) I’m sorry. Go on.

Richard: Now I just certainly realized, I mean – it’s the start of the working week for us but not necessarily for everyone else. Some people

Monita: I agree, I agree (laughs)

Richard: This is gonna be a VERY long hour.

Monita read out my comment about Time magazine’s person of the year.

Monita: And finally from Germany we’ve got Liz who says that "I agree that Mr. Bush should be the person of the year but not for the reasons time magazine has given but because it- but because he's a perfect example of a guy who wants to fix daddy's mistakes but makes it even worse."

Richard: It’s morning in Africa, middle of the night in the Americas
and in Europe morning has broken.