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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
Richard Collars Colleague

Sorry for the hiatus, but we're back with fresh quips sent by the ever faithful Christine in Germany. Thanks Christine.
"Tuesday, 8. February 2005

After Ellen MacArthur's record sail (solo sail around the world in 71

Monita: It's amazing isn't it ? I know I can't do it. (laughs) I
couldn't, I can't even swim (laughs)

Richard: (laughing aloud) Well, there we have it. (laughs) I've just
now got this, got this ...

Monita: No don't! Don't!

Richard: I've got this mental image of you...

Monita: Don't go there! (laughs)

Richard: (laughs) with a rubber ring and a duck on the front paddling
away around the world; it's made me day.

Monita: Then my job is done. (laughs)

Richard: Right.

Monita: Anyhoo (laughs)

Richard: I don't think I can continue
Monita: (laughs)"