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Thursday, February 10, 2005
Thanks to CHRISTINA (sorry about the typo yesterday, love) shares this bit from CNN's "American Morning" program.

HEMMER: Jack's back now with more on the surprise announcement from
Britain's Prince Charles. It crossed, what, about two hours ago, I think?

CAFFERTY: Yes, something like that. The heir to the British throne is
going to marry his longtime partner -- there's an interesting word, "partner" --
Camilla Parker-Bowles. The wedding to take place on April 8th. The
queen has blessed the couple, saying she's very happy that they will marry. They
have been living together, so she's probably relieved they're finally going
to make it legit, you know what I mean.

Prince Charles and Parker-Bowles will be married in a civil ceremony at
Windsor Castle.

And CNN's Richard Quest is live in front of Buckingham Palace, which is
as close as they'll let him get to that building, with more on this
momentous announcement that's got them all a-twitter over there in the British

Good morning, my friend.

RICHARD QUEST, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning to you, Jack. I refuse
to let you poor cold water on this royal wedding announcement this morning.

Well, you know, let's face it, there is to be a wedding, and I agree,
it is a controversial wedding, and probably the British nation is pretty
split over whether it should go ahead.

But one thing we know this morning, Jack, is that there will be no
Queen Camilla. And she will become after the marriage "her royal highness."
So she gets that part of the title. The Duchess of Cornwall, because Charles
is also the Duke of Cornwall. And then when Charles becomes king after the
queen passes on, then she becomes the prince's consort.

So what we have here for those of us that take a great interest, this
is a fascinating example, Jack, of the new and the traditional, a way of
being acceptable, a way of turning things around that will allow Charles,
who's always said his relationship with Camilla is nonnegotiable, to finally
get wed.

CAFFERTY: What about the Church of England, Richard? Both of these
people are divorced. For many Anglicans, divorce is an issue. In the event
that the prince becomes the king, he also becomes the head of the church. Is
that going to be any kind of a problem going forward? Or do they do like
they do in this country, when the people are famous enough, they kind of figure
out a way around it?

QUEST: I'm afraid that's exactly what they've done. There was no chance
necessarily of them actually getting wed in a church. So as you say,
they've found a way around it. There will be a civil ceremony at Windsor
Castle, and then they will be blessed. Listen to the phrase. It's been called "a
service of prayer and dedication" by the archbishop of Canterbury, Roan
Williamson (ph), and he basically will have this service after they've already been

He has said -- and remember the Church of England, Charles is head of
the church -- they're walking this very, very delicate balance. He's said
he's pleased that the parties have decided to take this important step, and
that they will provide a source of comfort and strength to each other.

So you're right, Jack, there were no easy answers for Charles and
Camilla once they decided to get wed. What they've done is come up with this
interesting halfway house -- prince's consort, services of prayer and
dedication. And finally now they have to hope that the British people
will sign up to it all.

CAFFERTY: What do you know about this common conventional wisdom that
Camilla Parker-Bowles actually helped Prince Charles find an acceptable
wife back when he was courting Lady Diana, and that he proposed to Diana in
Camilla Parker-Bowles vegetable garden? I want to track this fact down
and see if we can get this thing verified. This is important stuff.

QUEST: All right. The second bit isn't true. The second bit you can
forget about that bit. I know that is not where he proposed. It was at
somebody's country home where they finally proposed. It had nothing to do with

The first bit, there's a grain of truth. I'm not going to let you get
scurrilous on this, Jack. There is a grain of truth in it, that Camilla
Parker-Bowles felt that Princess Diana was the right woman, and
basically said to him. But don't forget, when that happened, she was already
married to Colonel Parker-Bowles. So it wasn't like, you know, she was doing
something untoward, as you're suggesting.

CAFFERTY: Yes, Heaven forbid. None of that stuff ever happens.

Richard, it's a pleasure to talk to you, my friend. Thanks for the
report. Big story over there, big story over here.

The question of the day actually has to do with the announcement of the
impending nuptials. Should Camilla Parker-Bowles be the next queen of
England? If he's going to be the next queen -- king, excuse me, if he's
going to be the next king, why shouldn't she be the next queen?

HEMMER: And if she's not the next queen, who is? Who's next in line.

CAFFERTY: I guess there wouldn't be any. I don't know, unless one of
Nazi shirt-wearing kids of his gets married or something.

HEMMER: It's only 7:20.

CAFFERTY: I wonder how she gets along with the boys.

HEMMER: They first in 1999, only six years ago.

CAFFERTY: The boys, yes?

I wonder how she reacted to that picture of him in that storm trooper
shirt. A lot of unanswered questions. I love the vegetable garden.

O'BRIEN: Shot down though, but a good story nonetheless.

CAFFERTY: It is a good story.

O'BRIEN: Thanks, Jack.