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Sunday, March 06, 2005

CT 05-03-04 48
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Friday, 4. March 2005

Richard: What did your pen just do?
Andrea: Uh. Lightinâ?? up. Thatâ??s better than a smile almost (Throws it
on the
desk) My crazy kryptonite pen.
Richard: (takes it) Oh. (and plays with it) Weâ??re back in a moment with
sport (the music starts) Wow!


Andrea: Well this is it for this Friday edition of CNN Today. Iâ??m
Richard: Iâ??m Richard Quest. Iâ??ll have the European markets for you in
just a
moment with Business International where we bring to a close another
week on
Today. We thank you for making time to come our way. We hope youâ??ve
the journey (Andrea starts giggling) youâ??ve stayed on board. Weâ??ve
stayed on

Andrea: Pssscht...
Richard: ... on the road.
Andrea: (laughs) Here play with my pen!
Richard: Play with your pen (so does he)
Andrea: Have a good weekend.
Richard: From everyone on today (Andrea laughs) Have a good day.