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Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Happy Birthday Richard!

Wednesday, 9. March 2005

Richard: Hello and a very good morning. You are most welcome to Today.
It’s Wednesday March the ninth. I’m Richard Quest.
Andrea: Wednesday March the ninth and the birthday of my own Richard Quest
Richard: Shock. I thought you’ve forgotten.
Andrea: (still laughing) Never! I’m Andrea Sanke also (...)
Richard: Jenny Harrison is with us all morning at the Weather Center.
Jenny: Oh yes another birthday. I have to say yet another one. There
are not enough candles to fit on the cake. I will of course have all the
weather details for you in just a few minutes, Richard and Andrea.
Richard: Alright Jenny...

Andrea: Thanks Jen.

Richard: ... before you disappear let’s just clear one thing up before
anyone goes any way further. It’s my 43rd birthday. Alright, I’m not 35
and I’m not 60.

Andrea: You could have lied! If you wanted to we all would have covered foryou. You’re to honest. (laughs)
Richard: The news headlines please Ms. Sanke.

Later on Business International

Jenny: And Richard just something for you. Did you know that on this
day 1959 the Barbie doll had it’s debut and before you say anything on that just to let you know coz obviously it’s your birtday and we will talking about that in the next half hour. And – ahm there is an aging conference taking place this Thursday in Pennsylvania. Ahm- in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania you,you cold still make it you’ve got time. Hmm?

Richard: It says aging. It doesn’t say aged!

Jenny: Ouch, splitting hair! And yu know you wanna be hold on to your

Richard: Hey, hey listen I’ve still got some there (Jenny laughs) Thank
you very much. Don’t you talk about splitting hairs thank you very alright many Thanks Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center.

Next weather update:

Richard: Talking about explosions mountain lava, a lot of hot air
(Jenny laughs) fumes: Jenny Harrison is at the World Weather Center.
Jenny: Aww, you’re funny just because it’s your birthday (weather
forecast) Well, I’m not sure you can see that. A little cake, look, and a little candle which I’m hoping might start to do what I bought it to do. Which is to actually play a bit of a tune for you. But in the meantime once the candle does absolutely nothing and I demand my money back. I have of course
got your usual birthday ditty Mr. Quest so here we go:

The cake is made, the candles lit,
The table laid, so Questy just sit...

Let’s raise our glasses
for the toast,
Happy Birthday to
the one we love most!
He still looks fine
on that we all agree –

As he’s now 43!!!

And this candle I’m so disappointed. If you could only hear what this
do. But it’s not gonna do it. But happy birthday and happy birthday to
Heidi of course as well our producer. It’s her birthday today. She’s much younger than you though.

Richard: Jenny Harrison I can assure you revenge will be sweet (Jenny
laughs) come later this year. Only I promise you my candle will play a
tune (Right that moment Jenny’s candle starts playing this silly Happy
Birthday song)

Jenny: Uh, uh listen here we go (pretending to sing a long and laughter from off camera) There you go I told you it should do something and of course now it will continue and won’t stop. Might even have twelve month of it.

Richard: Thanks to you. Thank you very much Ms Harrison. We’ve just
deafen half the world (Jenny laughs) with your candle. Jenny Harrison at the World Weather Center.